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AutoCut 5-32CTS

Hydroscand - AutoCut 5-32CTS Automatic Hose Cutting System

AutoCut 5-32C is an automatic cutting machine for textile and steel reinforced hoses. The machine is easy to operate because of the logic control unit and LCD-display. The workflow is optimized by adding the hose reel and the conveyor unit.

- Fast and easy operation
- Safety system to protect the operator
- Computer controlled process (PLC)
- Colour touch-screen control
- Storage capacity of 1200 part no
- Cutting tolerance much better than according to DIN 20066
- Fast and easy tool change
- Three feed speeds, 18/28/40 metre/minute
- Three cutting speeds
- Two cutting heights
- Cutting blade completely encased

Min/Max hose diameter OD: 8-50 mm
Cutting capacity: 480-700 pcs/hour
Max load hose reel: 400 Kg
Max. cutting length: 99999 mm

AutoCut 5-32CTS 5,5kW: 9080-01-00

HoseReel EOS w motorized uncoiling: 9080-01-08
Conveyor 2 meter: 9080-01-21
CellCon 2000 digital measuring control: 9090-00-00
Conveyor 3 meter: 9080-01-22
CellCon 2900 digital measuring control: 9090-00-02
Remote control, foot-pedal: 9080-01-35
Remote control, handle: 9080-00-03
KnifeCut 4-30 AC: 9080-00-06
Hose joint detection system: 9080-00-13


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