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JB Hydraulics BV

JB Hydraulics BV is a global operating wholesaler and specialist in hydraulic hoses and hydraulic carbon steel- and stainless components.

JB Hydraulics their exclusive mill agencies for many products results in a wide and competitive delivery program for many applications at their customers in the shipbuilding- and crane industry and offshore, but also in the general industry of course.

JB Hydraulics wide and complete stock and short lines to selected partners and mills also results in (quick) Just-In-Time deliveries and 1-Stop-shopping.

The team of specialists with their excellent knowledge of the market, products and applications is there to answer any question and offering help where needed.


JB Tubes BV

JB Tubes BV was founded in 2016, as a direct result on the growing number of requests for pipes, tubes and other hydraulic products (for example to produce hydraulic cylinders) and to complete the delivery program at JB Hydraulics BV.

They can offer a complete and full range hydraulic line pipe in carbon and stainless steel. As well as different qualities chromed bars and -tubes, seamless or welded cold drawn and hot rolled tubes, as well as in honed or rolled condition (carbon and stainless, tolerance H8 to H11).

To offer these products a worldwide network of well-known producers and suppliers has been selected. This gives them the possibility to stay competitive and give you the service you request!