Crimping Machines

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Hydroscand - H16HP, True Ergonomic Portability

We have redesigned the concept from scratch to make our smallest on site crimpers more ergonomic. Carried like a briefcase, the weight of the crimper stays close to the leg and saves the back of the operator.During operation the handle of the hand pump is placed in a 90 degree angle from the opening of the head which makes the work position ergonomically correct. Besides that, the handle is bent to create a natural and ergonomic grip for the user. Dies are integrated inside the press which means no more mess with the dies.

Crimping range in mm: 10 - 45 mm
Crimping range in inches: 0,39 - 1,77
Crimping force in metric tons: 95,5
Crimping force in kN: 955
Maximum hose size in inches: 1"
Die Set: H16
Maximum travel of dies in mm: 20 mm
Master die Diam. /Lenght in mm: 39 / 64
Master die Diam. /Lenght in inches: 1,54 / 2,52
Machine control: Manual
Motor size in kW 1 phase / 3 phase: 630 bar handpump
Motor size in HP 1 phase / 3 phase: 630 bar handpump

H16HP: 9028-00-00

H16-10: 9070-16-10
H16-12: 9070-16-12
H16-14: 9070-16-14
H16-16: 9070-16-16
H16-19: 9070-16-19
H16-23: 9070-16-23
H16-27: 9070-16-27
H16-31: 9070-16-31